UIBVFED Plus Light

Virtual facial expression dataset with lighting UIBVFEDPlus-Light

It is well-known that lighting conditions have an important influence in the automatic recognition of human expressions. Although the impact of lighting in the perception of emotions has been studied in different works, databases of facial expressions do not consider intentional lighting. In this work we present a new database of facial expressions performed by virtual characters with four different lighting configurations. This database, named UIBVFEDPlus-Light, is an extension of the previous published UIBVFED virtual facial expression dataset. It includes 100 characters, four lighting configurations and a software application that allows to interactively visualize the expressions, manage intensity and lighting. This work raises new challenges to Facial Emotion Recognition (FER) techniques under usual lighting environments opening new study perspectives in this area.

Link to the virtual app.

Link to download the data set (33.7 GB)

Contact: uibvfed@uib.cat

Creative Commons License
UIBVFEDPlus-Light Data Set by Miquel Mascaró Oliver, Esperança Amengual Alcover, Maria Francesca Roig-Maimó, Ramon Mas-Sansó This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License